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FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE formed back in 1992 by Fotis Sotirpoulos (Guitars) and John Vasilakis (Guitars) after the split up of GLADIATORS. With the addition of Michael Smeros in vocals and Nick Dedes at drums and guest musician Aris Matheakakis at bass they started recordings for their debut. Initially was to be released as a Tape EP under the tittle "Moments..." but finally released in 1996 as a self titled mini CD from Metal Mad Music, a release that had a great impact at that time and still considered to be one of the best progressive power metal releases from a Greek band.
In the meantime Vangelis Hatziandreou (Bass) and George Georgiou (Keyboards) had joined the band and promoted their release with live performances.
Although inactive since 1998 FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE continue composing and finally reunite in 2009.
During March 2011 FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE announced a contract deal with Metal Mad Music. On March 22, 2011 the first digital single “Deeds Of All Disgrace” has been released, and their new full length album “The Mortal Flesh Of Love” released on July 1st, 2011. In the meantime the first official video clip "Blind Faith" released, a production of Progressive Vision Group directed by Bob Katsionis.
2012 found the band alive and kicking, trying to book as many shows as possible!
2013 Fortress Under Siege are working on the pre production of their second album, with studio recording sessions to commence during summer 2013...

Line Up:Edit

Fotis Sotiropoulos - Guitars
Vocals - TBA
George Georgiou - Keyboards
George Kritharis - Bass
Aimilios Koulouris - Drums


Fortress Under Siege (Mini CD) (1996)

The Mortal Flesh Of Love (2011)

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